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Bp1070 disaster recovery best practices for microsoft sql server 2012 with dell equallogic autoreplication and vmware vcenter site recovery manager a is an it community where you can connect with dell customers and dell employees for the purpose of sharing knowledge, best practices, and information about dell products and. Setting up network for iscsi and iser certain types of iscsi adapters depend on the vmkernel networking. When chosing to deploy the ova file you input what dns servers to use in the va. I recently attended the dell equallogic masterclass 2012. This example is regarding one of the most complex possible cases. Before you begin determine the nas cluster management ip address. The following table shows the software and firmware used for the preparation of this technical report. Audience the information in this guide is intended for vmware and dell equallogic administrators and installers. Change the group ip address discovery to the new ip address. How to setup equallogic replication michael ellerbeck. Find out what the key steps are for setting up a dell equallogic configuration for an iscsi san in a vmware virtual server environment, including group settings, ip addressing, raid configuration. Theres currently no option to modify the group ip address once it has been added to vsm. Access to the vsm service via ip address or domain name. After that decided to revert it back, but did it wrong and turned off 5 port via the web gui managment network lost.

Equallogic san basic initial iscsi setup virtualization howto. Change this via the hit remote setup wizard multipathing. Through endtoend solutions, you can efficiently move the right data to the right place at the right time and for the right cost. Nov 21, 2012 the cisco nexus v is a software implementation of a nexus switch. I doubt that this will be possible with equallogic, at least not without some downtime. Virtual ethernet module vem this component is installed onto each host. Setting up a dell equallogic storage array using only the serial connection. Add an iscsi software adaptor and create an iscsi multipath network in vmware vsphere hypervisor esxi 4. The vsm plugin is a serverside plugin and does not need to be installed vsphere client endpoints. Equallogic install complete with vmware vsphere integration the following blog runs through what could be considered to make up a complete install of an equallogic array with all possible value add software components when integrating with vmware vsphere.

Related documentation for detailed information about ps series arrays, groups, volumes, array software. I need to change the ip address of my equallogic vsm vm. Equallogic group ip and name note both environments i worked with were each setup as their own group. Change ip address of equallogic vsm through cli dell. Vmfs label missing on cloned replica solutions experts exchange. Use the setup utility to configure an array and create a ps series group with the array as the initial group member. Basically id like to put virtual san layer above my two physical sans so that it can provide the same services as a usual san, this is for say, luns, iscsi endpoint and more, nfs, cifs shares, etc. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to recover or see the membership password via the group manager. To modify the ip settings for a network interface, doubleclick the interface and make the necessary changes in the modify ip settings dialog box figure. After the vcd cells and database were upgraded, i had to upgrade the existing vshield manager to version 5.

Change equallogic storage ip address experts exchange. San hq enables you to centrally monitor alerts from your equallogic environment, obtain historical performance reporting, and. If supportassist enterprise is installed on a linux operating system, adding servers running windows is not supported. I also see these connections in the equallogic group manager. Jul, 2016 1 download the client, admin guide, etc do this by going to ip 2 run the setup ip setup. Equallogic s bundled software includes advanced, integrated tools designed to streamline storage management, deliver advanced virtualization capabilities, and enable effective business continuity strategies for enterprises. The dell vsm is a virtual appliance that is downloaded as part of the allinclusive dell equallogic software support. For hardware installation information, see the ps series quickstart or san setup poster for your model array. I dont see anywhere in the document where it mentions how to change the ip address after the ovf has been deployed. On an initial group configuration, settings such as group ip, grpadmin password, and membership password are chosen. Equallogic virtual storage manager for vmware note. To set up email notification, you must also specify one or more email addresses to receive the email and enable email event notification.

However, it seems that equallogic might not be developed by dell going forward so am unsure what would be best to replace them with. The group uses one smtp server or email relay at any time. Setup dell equallogic ps4100x solutions experts exchange. I currently manage several equallogic arrays all ps4000xv, the solution they provide has been live for about 8 years and the company is now looking to replace. Virtual supervisor module vsm in our environment, the vsm is made up of 2 vms primary and secondary 2. From the vsphere web client homepage select the dell virtual storage manager vsm icon. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. When the deployment is finished and the va starts it is unable to time sync to ntp servers using dns names, however using ip addresses works. Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage. I found what to me seems to be a strange bug when deploying the dell equallogic virtual storage manager eql vsm. The update is simple, you basically provide an upgrade package in. Open the connection to the array via ip or hostname and log in with an account that has admin privileges, like grpadmin.

Configuring dell equallogic management interface mike poulson. Vmware and storage virtualization solution server fault. Configure and enable 5 ethernet port for managment network. The problem im having is when i connect the r610s to the ps6000 via the 10. The dell equallogic vsm virtual appliance contains the equallogic vasa provider. You will learn what hardware and software features are available. It consists mainly of iscsi protocol communication among the ps series array members. To change any of the servers in the smtp server list, enter all the ip addresses old and new on the command line. The management can be done both within the vsphere client for old versions or the vsphere web client basically vsm management its just a web oriented interface. Im trying to set up the vsm for the first time in our vsphere environment. Dell equallogic ps6000e missing downloads, software.

Dell storage software is nontransferable, and you must use your customers login credentials to perform downloads on their behalf. Best practices when implementing vmware vsphere in a dell. Equallogic array software, including equallogic firmware, group manager and the manual transfer utility, delivers advanced storage area network san functions that automatically virtualize and optimize storage resources while providing advanced data protection and san management. If you are joining an existing group, you will not need the group ip above as you will simply join the group ip name that is already in place. You will learn what hardware and software features are available with the ps series storage array. Vmware only using 1 ip from equallogic ps6000 vmware. Introducing dell equallogic virtual storage manager 4. Optimize virtualization deployments with dell equallogic virtualized storage and vmware vsphere 5. Nov 17, 2011 tips for using dells updated equallogic host integration tools vmware edition hitve ever since my series of posts on replication with a dell equallogic san, ive had a lot of interest from other users wondering how i actually use the builtin tools provided by dell equallogic to protect my environment. Cisco video surveillance manager vsm provides a comprehensive system for video surveillance. This ip address will need to be one that you can access from your management network. The first server you specify is the default server.

Cli to assign an ip address and netmask to each interface. To remove all servers from the list, enter an empty string inside quotation marks. The dell equallogic vasa provider shipped as part of the virtual storage manager plugin for vcenter, which also provides enhanced storage management functionality to vcenter. Sep 23, 2011 as ive written in a previous post, dell has recently released the new versions of some equallogics software, included the new host integration tools hit for vmware 3. How to set up a dell equallogic configuration in a vmware. Kit compatibility screen with remind you to confirm that all equallogic software in use in your. This can now address multiple eql groups in the backend. Designing, building, and deploying dell active systems for. An audience member member noted that you still need 2 vsms if youre running vcenter in linked mode. Does anyone have or have access to the latest firmware, drivers, software, and manual for a dell equallogic ps6000e that they would be willing to downloadshare forwith me. Is the best course to create a new data store, configure replication, and storage vmotion the affected vms.

Seriously, san replication sucks, veeam will do wan acceleration, and vsphere replication in 6. A deployment is a collection of settings that defines the hosts on which services are to be provisioned, options such as whether to use neutron networking or nova networking as the networking back end, and key parameters for several of the services to be provisioned. The vsm appliance is a worthy install if you are using a dell storage product such as equallogic. We are going to run the setup start by hitting the url ip setup. The replication for this volume was set up prior to vsm and hasnt had a problem in previous d. If you are using ipv6 addresses exclusively in the group, you must use the cli to change the group ip address.

Vsm contains many features and abilities that help vmware administrators gain better control and functionality over their equallogic environment including. Ensure that the outofband ip address is set on the networking device. Add you existing sc and ps storage systems and youre ready to rock and roll. Installing and configuring the dell equallogic host integration. Jul 22, 2014 the dell vsm is a virtual appliance that is downloaded as part of the allinclusive dell equallogic software support and can be installed into an existing vmware vcenter environment. A list of validated hardware and software components are provided in the equallogic compatibility matrix ecm. Thank you for your interest in equallogic ps series storage products. For the independent hardware iscsi adapters, you can also change the default ip settings.

Seeing storage device performance deteriorated in the logs when using equallogic ps 6000xv series. Use the following procedure to register for an equallogic customer support account, to log cases via the web, and to obtain software updates, further documentation and resources. To modify the management network ip address or default gateway, enter the information in the management ip address or default gateway field. The installer provisions red hat enterprise linux openstack platform using deployments. Dell equallogic vsm introduction vinfrastructure blog. Equallogic install complete with vmware vsphere integration. Lost nfs connectivity from esxi host when nas is another.

This document is being provided for informational purposes only and may change at any time. Technical report equallogic virtual storage manager. First, be sure the array hardware is set up and there are no errors or red leds. This nonscsi communication with the equallogic array enables vsphere to learn the capabilities of each datastore volume presented to the virtual environment. Change ip address of equallogic vsm through cli the install manual only shows how to set the ip address during deployment of the ovf. To learn more about the partnerdirect program and how we can assist our partners be more successful with equallogic solutions please contact the resources in.

The port is an untagged port similar to other outofband management ports on devices network switches. On deep discovery of chassis, discovery of the idrac modular servers is supported only for idrac7 or later. For hardware installation information, see the ps series quickstart or san setup poster for your model array note. Change ip address of equallogic vsm through cli dell community. From here, the software uploads, installs, reboots, etc. Inspired by users, the advanced software features built into the equallogic ps series enable organizations of all sizes to implement high. Vasa is a set of apis that enable vcenter to communicate with the virtual environments underlying storage.

Modifying the group ip address or group name equallogic. Logon to console and select maintenance update appliance software. I recently ran in to an issue with a vcloud director upgrade. However, you will have to remove the groups in vsm for groups where theip address has changed. Group names must be unique in your network environment. Software hit kit vsm for vmware san hq vcenter scvmm 2 6 compatibility. Once the vsm has booted, check vsphere client plugins plugin manager and enable the ll. Backup software fails back to nbd when using hotadd. While it is possible to configure an ip address with wild cards, eg 192.

Need to change ip address of iscsi san without disruption. Visit or the dell support url specified in information provided with the dell product. Hello there rhomelab, hope youve been doing well tl. The vasa provider plays an important role in enabling a vvol. Connectedconnect at power on are both ticked in settings for cd drive and attached to iso image. Ps series arrays offer allinclusive array management software, host software, and free firmware updates. After you launch the dell vsm, you now have the option to add your group name ip of your equallogic san environments. How to changed the ip address of equallogic ps4000xv. These adapters include the software or dependent hardware iscsi. Dell equallogic ps4210 installation and setup manual pdf. Installation considerations and local data protection 2079bpvvsm 1. Dell equallogic software gives you enterprise power with everyday simplicity. Virtual machine protection with dell equallogic virtual.

We have an equalogic 6510 we are testing this out on. Then change the last iscsi port to the new ip address netmask. Additionally, ps series arrays offer allinclusive array management software, host software. The equallogic architecture will allow you to change the ip addresses of the interfaces without any downtime provided the new addresses are visible to the old addresses but the group ip address that is used for management and as the iscsi target address cannot be changed without some downtime once you.

Any advice on what to replace equallogic arrays with. Jun 18, 2011 the dell equallogic iscsi san supports an outofband management network interface. Dell equallogic hitvsm vmware license requirements. Configuring an array and creating a group equallogic.

Tips for using dells updated equallogic host integration. The dell equallogic configuration guide is provided as an aid to help storage administrators determine how best to build an iscsi. Virtual storage manager vsm for vmware vsphere previously known as hitvmware recognizes dell equallogic fs series appliances and allows provisioning, resizing, and deletion of nfs datastores. Configuring storage fc, iscsi, nfs in vcenter 6 vmwiki. The documentation for the ps6000e is some of the worse i have ever seen. Dell provides a vmware vcenter integration plugin for the dell. Optimize virtualization deployments with dell equallogic.

Disaster recovery best practices for microsoft sql server. The appliance and the documentation are available from the equallogic support site. Modifying the management network configuration equallogic. The dell vsm is a virtual appliance that is downloaded as part of the allinclusive dell equallogic software support and can be installed into an existing vmware vcenter environment. A group name can consist of one to 54 letters, numbers, or hyphens. Dell described this as an entrylevel storage course designed for users relatively new to the dell equallogic series of arrays. Id like to use the capabilities of two dell equallogic san and a vmware vsphere 6 installation to implement a storage virtualization solution. Anyway, you can safely change the password to something new and not affect any existing settings to get a new member in. Connected to this port network cable managment network worked.

Equallogic virtual storage manager vsm is a must have if you have storage running on either a ps or fs array. I read the release notes of virtual storage manager 4. Once you know the member name you will need to set the ip address for your management interface. Additionally, ps series arrays offer allinclusive array management software, host software, and free firmware updates.

You will need to define similar rule on the remote sh with reverse sourcedestination subnet for the connection made from remote end to this location. To modify the ip settings for a network interface, doubleclick the interface and make the necessary changes in the modify ip settings dialog box. For those of you who have not yet made the change to the vsphere web client, dell continues to support the previous version, vsm 3. The dell equallogic iscsi san supports an outofband management network interface. To modify the management network ip address or default gateway, enter the information in the management ip addressor default gatewayfield. Find answers to setup dell equallogic ps4100x from the expert community at experts exchange. Replication is configured at the eql group level, not vsm.

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